Civil Wars

Action-Packed New Book Tells Story of Civil War-Era Boy
Journey with him as he chooses between right and wrong

New Civil War Historical Novel Offering Perspective From Both Sides of the Line Puts Reader on the Battlefield
A Dark and Bloody Ground: Sowing the Wind, chronicles the week of October 4-9, 1862, when the fate of Kentucky lay literally in the balance. As vast foraging armies swept the countryside, soldiers from the North and the South lived, fought and died staining Kentucky's soul with their blood and fulfilling Kentucky's prophetic sobriquet as 'A Dark and Bloody Ground.' Michael Willever takes the reader back through time and into the heart of the battle, the reader witnessing events through the eyes of seven protagonists, four Southern and three Northern. This novel for the first time brings to life such historical figures as George Thomas, Leonidas Polk, Joe Wheeler, and Patrick Cleburne to name but a few.

Take a Day Trip to Civil War Battlegrounds and Historical Sites in Virginia – Fun History Lesson
More Civil War battles were fought in Virginia than any other state. If you’d like to take an affordable, fun, and educational family day trip while on vacation in Virginia, visiting Civil War battlefields is a great choice. Virginia is one of the most historical locations in the US and you just might smell smoke from musket-fire or hear echoes of the soldiers’ battle cries as you traipse around a Virginia Civil War battlefield.

A Glimpse of History Through Civil War & Western Replicas
Historical reenactments are one of the fastest growing hobbies in America, and its no surprise Our history as Americans defines how we are today

Unique History – Why Civil War Reenactments Occur and Why You Should See One
Civil War reenactments can be fun and educational experiences for the whole family. These unique tributes started earlier than you might think, beginning even before the Civil War itself was over. Now, reenactments can be seen all over the United States throughout the year as annual and special events. Branson, MO has a long history of Civil War reenactments which are a popular Branson attraction. Read on to find information on the history of reenactments, the history of the Civil War in Missouri, and locations where these reenactments can be seen within the state.

Civil Wars

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